Are your relatives and other family members living far away from your home and your child knows little about them?

Do you want to make your presence in front of your child but you can’t because you are ever so busy?

Does your child feel neglected because he is alone and you’re busy with an assignment at work that needs to be completed urgently?

Peekaboo is a kids entertainment app that amuses and keeps your tiny tot entertained while at the same time building bonds and connections with distant relatives and family members.

Making your newborn son or daughter happy is easier than ever now. Ensure that your baby does not feel neglected with Peekaboo – the free app meant for working parents.

This app has been designed in such a way that it helps the child feel the presence of someone they love at all times. It is based on the real life Peekaboo game that many parents play with their kids to amuse and entertain them.

To use Peekaboo, you can either select a pre-captured photo or video or you can directly capture one by using the Camera feature that is integrated into the app. Once you have taken a photo of your face and then selected it from the Settings page, click on the Play button. An even better way to use Peekaboo is to play a video of you looking into the camera and speaking as it allows you to add your own voice recording like calling the child by their name and saying something funny that the child will surely laugh at. What’s even more interesting is that you can add multiple such videos and photos and Peekaboo will play them all one-by-one in front of your child, helping you build bonds with your child and multiple family members.

Peekaboo is not just helpful for parents, but also for babysitters, grandparents, elder siblings and other family members to keep the child amused and engaged at all times.


– Record audio recordings and videos and use them to build bonds with family members

– Use pre-captured photos and albums

– Add unlimited photos and videos to stitch together a compilation that will surely amuse the child!

– Make your presence be felt at all times in front of the child!

– Entertaining sounds to grab attention of your little one!

– Cute, high quality bright and colorful graphics and extremely easy to use interface, better than Peek A Boo Safari, Peekaboo Barn, Peekaboo Babyfirst and many others!

–  Includes fun animations

–  Encourages coordination and development of visual and sensory perception skills


– Moms and Dads

– Grandparents

– Brothers and Sisters

– Siblings and cousins

– Distant relatives and family members

– Babysitters & Babysitting Workers

– Daycare and Child Caring centres

So, what are you waiting for? Download Peekaboo right now and start building a healthy relationship between you and your tiny tot with this free app meant specifically for babysitters, working mommies and daddies!